It Does Not Take a Telescope

And I look in the simplest, smallest moments. When the breeze hits the water just right and it cascades into a million ripples, or the light hits the tree line. It is in those moments I am breathless. Knowing it does not take a million dollar telescope to witness the crushing beauty of our universe.



Guardian Angels

Commonly, at the birth of your soul is the time when a guardian angel is assigned to you and from then on, they will always be connected to you. Your soul exists in its current body today because it was given life on Earth for a purpose. As your soul lives,  its past before you might be unknown to you. Though it is possible that your soul has traveled through different lives, places, and experiences; although today you exist on Earth. Aspects of that statement is explained more in depth in our previous post: Our perspective: Past Life.

Your Guardian Angel holds a name, title, and Rank that states their position in Heaven. They are involved in more than just you, for they attend many tasks for their Creator.  As your Guardian Angel has been assigned to you, it also states of their acceptance of you in its life –  know it has sworn its life to guide you, protect you, and more. Your Guardian Angel is here to serve you as well as their Creator. Our guardian angels will obey our commands, but they will not commit acts of evil for you and of their own actions. There are rules that stand with Guardian Angels, for if they break them, they may lose their standing and more. With given commands, guardian angels will do their work when asked upon them by you. It also helps to work on bonding with your guardian angel, for your connection becomes strong enough to feel them, hear them, and be comfortable with them.

The more you bond with your guardian angel the more things are capable to happen, in which, they may help you in more ways. As this higher stage of bonding comes about, you will develop a personal relationship with your guardian to where a classification of it can only and obviously be made by you. Bonding with your guardian angel is essential to your progression because as they know you very well, when the time is right they will teach you things about yourself that you must awaken. Like uncovering your hidden potential to what you’re truly capable of. As this happens you become closer to connecting with your soul, which is the one of the prime reason for your progression.

With all this being said, it is very important to make sure your spiritual hearing is as accurate as possible and that you are weary of imposters. It is possible for demons or even fallen angels to attempt to impersonate your guardian in hopes to inflict harm to you either short or long term, as well as many other possible outcomes. So be careful. The best method I have found to revealing whether you are being imposed on or not, is to say with spiritual power, “Do you come in the name of God?” Typically, you will notice either strange behavior, they will go quiet, or they may try to avoid answering. For beings who have turned their back on the creator are pained to claim they stand with him, and you will likely see if it is another being.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are always willing to answer.

Our perspective: Past Life

The concept of past lives can be a controversial topic. Some believe that only specific religions, such as Buddhism, believe in such ideals. While many people dismiss the idea entirely, for a number of different reasons. On top of the number of people who do or don’t believe, there are ideas of why people are or aren’t reincarnated. In fact, there are so many ideas of how and why that I could sit here and explain them for hours. But the truth of the matter is this; past lives, or reincarnation, is a thing that exists. However, it does not happen to everyone. There are things that go into play with our higher power that is ultimately the deciding factor of if you are reincarnated or not. Some of us on the earth today are like newborn souls, this is our first time being alive. While others have spent many lifetimes in countless places, times, and even places of existence.

One thing that is important to know about past lives, is that is in not reincarnation. I say this because when we were created, we were created as a soul. The physics in life are much different than the spiritual plane; nothing ever truly dies. It may merge with other things or new energies are added into it… but never dies. Souls are everlasting. It never dies, so when we enter a new life, we are simply in a sense traveling from one vessel to another. At that point, the conscious mind of that person is stored away. This happens because you, for example, cannot fit the mind and experiences of a 70 year old man into the body of a newborn. You need to start over. With that being said, it is possible to access these memories and more. It takes a person more spiritually connected to be able to do/understand such things though. There are also things to be learned or gained, when you do begin to go in depth with such things.

There are many, many details and things that can be said about the subject itself. Along with every person’s situation and experiences is highly individualized. So I cannot sit here and say exactly what it is and isn’t. However, feel free to ask any sort of question you want, and I will be happy to answer.


The Basics: Light Energy

  Light energy is an energy that comes from the source of our souls. It exists within us and is a powerful form of energy that holds purity and goodness. Now the question is, what is this and why is this within us as humans and not other places on this earth? Simply, our souls were created in light. We are born into darkness…it does not occur naturally within us. The experiences we hold in this world, our upbrining, the people that surround us….these are all things that play a role into what effects us as individiduals. But that is another topic entirely.

   With that being said, we are still more than capable of being able to harness this energy within us. When connecting deeply spiritually, we come to tap into this strong energy. The use of light energy helps with connecting more spiritually, warding off other energies, and maintaining protection. Essentially, the more connected you are spiritually and the more you choose to live in the light, it truly does effect what happens in your day to day life. 

  This is why people who have negative tendencies and partake in negative actions seem to fall into more and more bad situations. They allow these things to get to them over time, and despite a part of themselves knowing that something is not right, they continue the same course of action. This leads to these people surrounding themselves with people following a simular course. The energy and choices these people make around you will affect you in the long run. Your being will not be well connected to the light energy within you, making you like a sponge that will take on all of the energies around it, particularly negative energy. This goes for all bad situations… from something as small as hanging with a group of kids who act up and like to bully others, all the way to surrounding yourself with people who partake in drugs and crime. It’s not just physical actions and consequences to keep in mind. Even something as simple as the energy in the area can effect you.

  How it affects you? Well that’s a topic for another post.

  The same principle goes for people who try to continuously do well, and surround themselves with positivity.

  It is important to understand these 3 basic energies. It can give a view on many situations witnessed in our lives. It is important to not let negative energy harm you or take you over. Most of all, however, connecting to the light energy within will help keep us away from harmful spiritual energies but not always physical situations. Connecting to the light energy will help protect and develop us from not allowing negativity to take control.
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The Basics: Negative Energy

  Negative Energy is a form of energy that is usually only manifested by humans, although it’s possible for other sources to create this energy. As human beings we have emotions that we can express very deeply and possibly lose control over ourselves. It’s when these emotions escalate out of control that it not only strongly effects the person experiencing it, but it radiates to other people and fills the surrounding area with that specific energy. This in turn can effect people in many different ways…usually though, the persons nearby take on the emotion as their own without them realizing it. I say this because most people aren’t conscious of themselves enough to know where their feelings originated from. They just know that they feel a certain emotion and that’s it. It’s in these outbursts that the energy of the persons emotions become negative energy, which is an energy that is harmful to us. If the person keeps having them and keeps connecting to them, it can become bad for them and the people around them. 

 Negative energy inflicts such harm in emotions as anger, depression, greed, sexual harm/intent, violence, and more. As human beings on this earth, we are bound to feel these things. What matters is how we choose to handle the emotions and what we do in response. If a person begins to feel rage, but manages to not do anything with the intent of the rage and calms down; then little to no damage was done. If a person was to lash out at another or perhaps hit something because they are so angry they can’t help it…that’s when some of that energy has manifested and the person has connected to it. Indulging in negativity will change us as a person if we continue to connect to it. It will make us feel okay to do things we would not commonly do, knowing that it causes harm to yourself and/or others. When you are constantly connecting to negative energy it becomes a more possible risk of being taken advantage of by other energies, or worse. 

 A good example of people who have gotten to that point are typically very bitter and angry people, that usually tend to participate in not very positive activities. These people at that point are very set in their ways and in my personal experience they are prone to getting upset very quickly and stay in that mood for awhile. 

   With all that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that we will all feel those emotions at one point or another. It’s what you do in response that determines who you are as a person and how deeply things will affect you or possibly even bring you down. In other words, you choose how your life and the people around you effect you. Your actions also will affect others. Live your life positively, and you will gain positive energy back. 

Our Art: Calm

Art credited to: Sunflower

Today, we live in a society in which many realities are imposed upon us by the media, the goverment, big coorporations, religious groups, political groups… so I ask you. What is the truth? Because increasingly we are bombarded  with so many ideas and thoughts and environmental disctractions, and people become wrapped up in this. In this culture imposed upon us by not our own particular thoughts and feelings, but a mix of things spit out by the organazations listed prior. This is done is such a way, however, that many happenings around us around are twisted and though there may be some truth to it…it’s usually not the complete truth. 

  So let me tell you this. This culture that surrounds us, is not the world. The real world lies deep beneath it and it is our duty as human beings to not only recognize this, but to act on it. When you walk outside barefoot in the morning to check your mail, recognize the way the earth moves beneath your feet. The way the wind is swaying the trees and guiding the birds that are gently gliding with it. Recognize that, there is a small child playing in the yard down the street who is giggling so helplessly watching the wind carry his paper plane. The innocence and the joy of the moment.  

The stars that shine in the night sky, the lone beast puffs it’s chest breathing in the smell of pine and the frosty air. 

These basic things are the base of the world and what keeps us grounded. And it is what keeps me grounded. So when I am feeling overwhelmed of all of these imposed thoughts and feelings, I close my eyes and think of the lone beast breathing in the frosty air. The cloudy skies of millions of stars, the galaxies and planets bigger than any of us can comprehend. 

 And then I’m calm. 


Our Art: Never Die

Stand upon the light;
A path set before you 

And nothing will stop us
Hard times now 
Inflictions of a war 

Preparing for the worst 

A life of no more 
People living happy 
Stripped from their souls 

The world into chaos 

When everyone knows 
That we have a fighting chance 
To bring the world into bliss 

Of a way never done before 

We stand strong for this 
Keep moving on 
This battle been started 

Coming for your soul

Best believe it’s the darkness 
What will you do 
What will you do 

Stop being heartless 
Prove yourself worthy 
Of this fight we stand on 

Now it’s our time 

To fight against the wrong 
Determination of your actions 
Ambition upon the prime 

And we keep it motivated like before 

Destroying all these obstacles and more 
Bringing out the life to a time of true peace
Live with light and love and you will just see

Pursue it like before – unified focus 

Bring it to a level as we stand true for this 
And our sight is getting better 
Seek upon the truth 

Because the knowledge is the power 

To control this world at hand 
And the masses that are living 
To make a bigger change 

Of the life we been given